Anya Kicking POWLead Instructor and Contributor to Children’s Programming :  Anya Clingman has created dynamic, collaborative theater for 15 years, most of her life.  After studying as a child through the drama program at Standing Rock Cultural Arts in Ohio, she moved to “The Windy City” where she earned her BFA in Performance from DePaul University’s elite theater conservatory.  She has since trained in mask and clown with Jacques Lecoq pedagogue, Paola Coletto, as well as studied Suzuki and Viewpoints methods with Siti Company.  Anya is currently an ensemble member with The Ankle Todd Show, as well as company member at The Right Brain Project.  Some of her favorite roles include The Queen of Hearts in “Alice,” Piggy in “I’m Invited to a Party!” and Bim-Bom the Clown in “You and I and All the Others . . .”

Anya has been an educator for the last 3 years, after many years of working as a care-provider for numerous families.  She currently teaches at the Jewish Community Center nursery in Lakeview, as well as through the Beverly Arts Center’s outreach program as a trained instructor of visual and performing arts.  As you read this, Anya is in the process of earning her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education at Loyola University.

Anya loves to develop creative works from the place where body and mind work together, but mostly loves to share this experience with young people.  Anya’s approach to teaching revolves around establishing reasonable, yet challenging, standards-based goals that work to inspire the mind, body, and soul of each student.  Anya works alongside her students to help them discover their own learning processes and skills.  Her classes culminate in showings that are open to families, so that students have a moment to showcase their hard work and be proud of their accomplishments.

Anya also loves to blow bubbles, eat big salads with avocado and almonds in them, sing in the shower, and ride her bike across this big city.