3 Ideas for Chicago Kid's Birthday Party on a Budget

Parents always want to give their kids the coolest birthday parties ever. But booking a birthday party at one of Chicago's top venues can be expensive. Although we offer super fun and interactive birthday parties at POW! Kids, I understand when a parent needs to stick to a budget.

The budget for a birthday party may change year to year. One year you might book an amazing indoor party event and the next year your washer/dryer breaks down unexpectedly and you need to forego the extravagant party for your child. So here are some ideas for you parents that need to create a great birthday party on a budget. The one catch is that these events are outdoors. So if you are like me and your kids are all born in the middle of winter these ideas may not help. You can read the full explanation of this ideas on my Chicagonow.com blog. Hopefully this illustration will give you some inspiration and you will be able to great a great Chicago outdoor birthday party within your budget.


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