Benefits of West Loop Youth Boxing Classes

The Benefits of Youth Boxing & Fitness at POW! Kids

• Offers a low barrier to entry for children who are not drawn to martial arts or any team ‘sport.’

• It is a fitness focused- presented like an adult boxing fitness class.

• There are 35+ million children that do not participate in any sports under the age of 14 years. It is critical to get these kids active at a young age. Youth boxing and fitness is a confident building class.

• Children whose personality is more sedentary, or a gamer, a techy, etc..’ need to move their body for their health.

• Without physical education in schools, this program is a great relieving class for kids and build their key athletic skills.

5 Key athletic movement categories included in POW! Kids youht boxing

  1. Boxing technique (punches, defensive movement, combos, footwork)
  2. Biomechanics of Strength Exercises
  3. Flexibility & Stability
  4. Core Strength
  5. Footwork, Coordination & Agility



POW! Kids

310 South Racine Avenue,

1st Floor South,

Chicago, Il 60607

Phone. 312-829-7699