Exercises for Pre-Schoolers

We love creating our theme driven exercises at POW!. POW! Kids has a long list of exercises used for our Superhero Training. The wide range of exercises incorporate key gross motor skills and always have a theme driven task associated with them. Here is an example of some favorites we use. Two of them are inspired by the HULK and one by the FLASH. You will notice that the exercises we use often have an assignment attached to them. The reason why is to help build the child's ability to follow directions. I am sure this is every parent's challenge - getting our little ones to listen and do as they are told (HA!HA).

Exercise for Pre-schoolers Superhero Training

Owner of POW!, Katalin Ogren is sharing some of the training exercises used in our Superhero Training program. POW! ids offers amazing Superhero Training birthday parties and classes for kids 3 years and older. Here are a few of the training drills that give our Superheroes in training the feeling of being strong and fast.

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