Legos are the coolest toy ever created. They offer all ages from 3 years to 100 years old an opportunity to be creative. According to Senior Psychologist David Whitebread, "One feature which I think is significant is that the entry level of physical skills required to build with Legos is quite low." Legos offer a great mix of problem solving, creativity and imagination. Their wide appeal have inspired another Psychologist Alan Redman to use them in a professional capacity. "I have managed to use Lego in a professional capacity - mostly in assessment exercises, but also as the basis for a spatial reasoning test.”

I will say, Legos do seem to be taking over the world. I know they have infiltrated every aspect of my life- I find them at work, in my purses, shoes, my car and somehow in my tool box. My kids love them! Here is a great write up on 10 reasons why they are awesome!

One place you can go to experience how AWESOME Legos really are is LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. I have taken my kids every year for 4 years now. Each time I go to LEGOLAND my kids cheer. I am always impressed with how amazing the sculptures are. Take a look at our favorite LEGO creations. LEGOLAND also offers birthday parties and there are plenty events on site to keep everyone busy.




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