Parents, take advantage of our self-defense training.

POW! has been offering Krav Maga since 2002. POW! was the first to bring Krav Maga, reality based self defense to Chicago. This system of training focuses on building confident combatives, decisive reactions and crisis management skills. This is all applied to self-defense situations. POW! offers seminars like: Defending the Family, Self Defense for Women, Bully Prevention and more. Click here to check out workshop schedule.

Chicago Krav Maga/POW Katalin Ogren

Katalin Ogren opened POW! MMA and Fitness in 2001 in Chicago's West Loop. It has offered classes in boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, krav maga, self-defense, MMA drills, high intensity interval training. Contact POW Chicago & Katalin Website: Twitter: Facebook: Katalin's Instagram: POW Instagram: She features many videos on exercises, workout tips and How To's.

POW! Kids

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