Planning a STAR WARS Birthday Party

I have hosted several STAR WARS birthday parties at POW! The JEDI TRAINING concept fits well with the our other themes like NINJA and SUPERHERO TRAINING. We have been able to adapt some of the coolest training exercises into real Jedi Training. For the padawans that attend we have also been able to encourage many STAR WARSish details. Here is a list of some great ways to enhance your Jedi's experience.

1. Yogurt dipped pretzel rods and called them Pretzel Sabers - great snack instead of gold fish and chips.

2. Take a STAR WARS cookie cutter (and there are plenty) and use it on simple sandwiches. It even works great on tortillas. Yes, there is a little wasted food - I ended up eating the ends. Or, maybe feed the crust to the dogs.

3. Buy a STAR WARS sticker album and decorate paper bags- a great way to save money and the stickers make it look awesome.

4. Buy inflatable light sabers- there are several companies that carry them. We have our own for the kids to use- but it makes a great party gift.

5. Jar of white and blue jelly beans- great decoration and wrap the jar with a larger picture of R2D2.

Here are some other mom's stories and I have included pictures of a recent STAR WARS JEDI party at POW - The mom did an amazing job, My favorites are the marshmallow treats.

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