POW! is the New Home of Parisi Speed School

All kids need coaching when it comes to sports movements. The Parisi School is a program that offers speed training and sport performance to the American youth market.

The Parisi program has been written up as America's best speed training program. It is offered as after school programs and inside of 85+ facilities across America. Other news agencies have also acknowledged that Parisi offers the best training for kids with athletic talent.

What is the Parisi Speed School?

Bill Parisi is the founder of Parisi Franchise Systems, Inc. He has developed a successful program that focuses on teaching the technique of speed and agility. His program is focused on young athletes. For over 20 years. he has built a network that has grown to over 85 locations in 31 states across the US, as well as several locations internationally. POW! Kids will be the home of Parisi Chicago. It will be located inside of POW! at 310 S racine.

The Parisi Youth Training System has become the leader in safe youth sport performance training.

Some of the professional athletes that have benefited from Parisi Youth Training System include:

Chris Long, son of Howie Long. Chris was named best NFL combine performer for a defensive lineman after working with us and now plays for the St. Louis Rams. Tobin Heath, an outstanding mid-fielder for the US Women’s National Soccer Team and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist.


POW! Kids

310 South Racine Avenue,

1st Floor South,

Chicago, Il 60607

Phone. 312-829-7699

Email. katalin@powkickboxing.com