POW! Youth Boxing & Fitness

POW! has offered a youth boxing program for 10 years. Our children can start at 6 years old. The goal of the program is to teach a non-contact boxing format. Providing a positive environment that builds the overall gross motor skills of the kids and their coordination is our first goal. A by-product of these goals is improved fitness, listening skills and enhanced confidence. Although our program welcomes all types of kids - we have been particularly successful with kids who simply do not enjoy team sports. Our class is fun! We strive to teach basic boxing skills and make the kids move. We keep our format very simple, yet structured. This allows new children to enter at any time. We offer an ongoing enrollment. We also offer Tween & Teen Boxing in separate classes. Contact us for a FREE class : 312-829-7699.



POW! Kids

310 South Racine Avenue,

1st Floor South,

Chicago, Il 60607

Phone. 312-829-7699

Email. katalin@powkickboxing.com