When should I tell my kids I was in Mortal Kombat II?

I played the female ninjas in the video game Mortal Kombat II. My character's names were Kitana, Meleena and Jade. My kids are 4,6 and 7 years old. They love video games, ipads, Star Wars, Superheroes, Pokemon, Clones Wars and most pop culture stuff. I know that they will think it is cool - but then I will need to show them the game.

Even today, Mortal Kombat II, is not right for my little ones. But then I think, my son plays Call of Duty and Batman. Those are violent as well. In all honesty, I am not comfortable when those games are being played - it is not exactly Dance Center. But I do not get int he middle of my husband and 7 year old son playing these games are also considered violent. It is not like MKII is the only game with real actors in them - not just animated characters. But the thought of them seeing me stab Baraka with my sais or use my Chinese fans as blade - feels wrong.

Thoughts MK fans>?





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