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POW!’s Youth Boxing class is engaging for all kids ages 6-14.  Our classes focuses on building the confidence, fitness level and overall athletic ability of a child.  It teaches traditional boxing technique, incorporating discipline and a strong work ethic in its teaching model.  Both boys and girls will enjoy learning about the sport of boxing.  POW! integrates agility, strength and flexibility training into the workout sessions. 

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Youth Class Schedule

Ongoing enrollment.

4 Class-$90
8 Class-$160
12 Class-$225

A more cost effective way for your child to train.  If your child attend 6 or more classes in a month you will save money.

*All Boxing & Martial Athletics require a $49.99 registration fee which includes boxing gloves, hand wraps, & POW! kids t-shirt (uniform).

**Olympic judo classes require a Olympic Judo approved Gi: $65

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