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LEGOLAND Discovery Center Has a New Exhibit!


LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Chicago newest model display: Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

The walk-through exhibit will offer an intergalactic immersion into the sights and sounds of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Young Jedi attending the event can help the Rebel Alliance destroy the Galactic Empire’s powerful Death Star, experience the epic duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, watch in awe as the Millennium Falcon rises from the deserts of Tatooine, discover the bustling city of Mos Eisley, and take in the busy cantina where the band plays its familiar tune and dangerous characters lurk in dark corners.

Legoland-Star-Wars-Miniland1-27388323_222409_ver1.0_640_480 legosw2 legosw1






The display replaces the Center’s previous Star Wars Miniland, which featured scenes from Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.

You will have the chance to see firsthand some of the Center’s new renovations, including:

·         LEGO® Racers Build & Test: A newly renovated track where kids can design, build and race their own LEGO car creations.

·         LEGO® Factory: A revamped LEGO Factory gives guests a behind-the-scenes look at how the infamous toy is made.

·         4-D Cinema: An enhanced 4-D theatre experience.

·         Duplo® Farm: A new Duplo® play area allows more space for the Center’s youngest visitors to explore and create.

·         LEGO® City Soft Play: Coming this spring, new and improved mazes and climbing areas.

The Center’s Café has also been updated to feature free WiFi, among other new amenities, providing families with a comfortable space to refuel before their next LEGO adventure.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Chicago is an indoor family entertainment destination with over 3 million LEGO® bricks and nine attractions including: Master Builder Academy; Jungle Expedition; Kingdom Quest Laser Ride; LEGO City Construction Site Play Zone; Merlin’s Apprentice Ride; LEGO 4D Cinema; Build and Test; LEGO Factory Tour; and MINILANDTM featuring iconic Chicago landmarks.


Modifed from a Press Release

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Mom’s Self Defense at POW

POWwomen self defense

Wednesday, May 8th from 7pm to 9pm, $30

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 10.25.49 AM

This workshop will provide an overview of Krav Maga fundamentals. It will immediately address most women’s fears about being a victim. From there, this workshop will quickly move into how to fight back on the street. It will integrate training drills into various street situations and cover several common attacks on the street. Although this workshop is not intended to emphasize the conditioning elements integral to a Krav Maga training program, it will be a physical workout. The goal of the workshop is to build overall awareness through Krav Maga training. This 2 hour workshop will also apply some of our kicks to situations when you are with your children or loved ones. This is going to be a dynamic training experience and each participant will leave understanding why Krav Maga is the most effective reality based self-defense system. This workshop requires a 10 person minimum. Please bring energy drinks, snacks, and other fuel for your body. Wear long pants, bring a long sleeve t-shirt. Wraps will be required. If you do not own these items you may purchase your own from our Proshop. We will loan out gloves, if necessary in the training.


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C2E2 Chicago 2013, Favorite POW! Kids Pictures

C2E2 was a blast!  We had a great group of children attend all of our sessions.  Here are out favorite pictures.








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POW Kids Offering Free Classes at C2E2 April 27th & 28th

We will be teaching 5 programs at this weekend’s C2E2 convention at Mc Cormick. This pop culture event had eveolved into one of the best family and kid outings in the city this weekend. It is an absolute blast! Here is a list of the classes we will be teaching.

Title: POW! Kids Storytelling
Date: 4/27/2013
Time: 2:00pm – 2:30pm
Location: Family Room W375a
Performing teacher Anya Clingman turns audience suggestions into one-of-a-kind superhero stories inspired by the classics tales of the DC and Marvel universes. All POW!Kids are invited to blast off to a world of singing, dancing, and imagination with Captain Anya.

Title: POW! Kids SuperHero Training Drills
Date: 4/27/2013
Time: 2:30pm – 4:00pm
Location: Family Room W375a
Superheroes never know where their superwork will take them, so they must be physically prepared for any number of challenges and terrains. Join us as we direct your energetic, hero-to-be through key SUPER activities to enhance their coordination and fitness level. POW!Kids will assist their new recruits in performing a myriad of physical challenges.


Title: POW Gadget Making
Date: 4/28/2013
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Location: Family Room W375a
Superheroes often build machines that make their jobs easier, whether it be a supercomputer, a walkie-talkie, or a honing device. In honor of Earth Day, POW!Kids will use recycled materials to construct their very own gadgets to aid them in the search and capture of evil doers in Chicago and abroad.

Title: POW Storytelling
Date: 4/28/2013
Time: 1:30pm – 2:00pm
Location: Family Room W375a
Performing teacher Anya Clingman turns audience suggestions into one-of-a-kind superhero stories inspired by the classics tales of the DC and Marvel universes. All POW!Kids are invited to blast off to a world of singing, dancing, and imagination with Captain Anya.

Title: POW! Kids Interactive Mission
Date: 4/28/2013
Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: Family Room W375a

Description:Hey Super-Kids! The Joker has stolen the Crystals of Atlantis and is planning to use them to tear the world apart. On this mission, POW!Kids will create a plan and work as a team using their chosen superpowers to stop The Joker from carrying out his plot of destruction. Since The Joker’s keen skills are calibrated to humans over 18 years old, it will require the youthful, energetic minds of kids to out-do, out-smart and out-think, this green haired villain.

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POW Kids Off Site Superhero Training

Take a look at how much fun our staff had leading an off site Superhero Birthday for 35 kids!.



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LEGO® Star Wars™ Days

8th March 2013. 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Harness the Force during LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Chicago’s LEGO® Star WarsTM Days!

Jedi, Droids and Clone Troopers return for three days of intergalactic fun during LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Chicago’sLEGO® Star Wars Days, March 8–10.

Young Padawans attending the event will learn to harness the Force through a number of out-of-this-world activities, including the Grand Opening of LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago’s first-ever LEGO Star Wars Miniland – a large-scale, interactive LEGO model display, chronicling the adventures of Star Wars:Episode I The Phantom Menace. Take part in a thrilling Podrace through treacherous terrain on the planet Tatooine, and help defeat the evil Droid Army on the rolling plains of Naboo.

Other activities include:

  • A meet and greet with members of the Star Wars 501st Legion
  • Build your own LEGO creation in the Model Builder Workshop
  • Take photos with life-sized LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader and LEGO Star WarsR2-D2
  • Win prizes and giveaways, while supplies last

From their website.

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POW’s Self Defense Program Featured on Steve Harvey Show

As you know POW also offers an extensive self defense training program.  As the Official Krav Maga Worldwide Training center for Chicago, we have successful taught 1000′s how to defend themselves.  In order to learn how to defend your family, you need to be able to defend yourself.  Take a look at the Steve Harvey show this Wednesday, January 16th at 2pm on NBC.

If you are interested in our workshops please click here.  Otherwise, please call us to take a free class.

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