Teen Program (15-17yrs)

POW offers training for all ages. Kids between the ages of 15-17 years old need to have an opportunity to safely experience the sport of boxing, kickboxing, muay thai and krav maga. Therefore, we recommend and hand-pick classes off our adult schedule that will offer a less intimidating atmosphere for our teens. Our goal is to give teens a safe training environment while experiencing POW!’s amazing martial diversity.   By acclimating them into the appropriate classes that include our adult population, we are forcing them to ‘step-up to the plate’.  We help them become a responsible student, but do not overwhelm them. The classes are chosen by the Owner Katalin Rodriguez Ogren.  These classes set POW’s teens up to succeed and build a skill set that hopefully gives them the confidence to be involved in all of our classes after 3 months of training.

Boxing, kickboxing, muay thai and krav maga offer great athletic training and develops coordination. Although sparring is an important part of the sport, parents make the decision whether they want their child to evolve to basic sparring skills (in which case these are separate classes indicated on the schedule). The innate elements of training offer an amazing workout. Your child will be jumping rope, doing push ups, sprints, obstacle courses, plyometrics and core training.

POW! Kids

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