POW Youth Boxing

Olympic Youth Boxing

POW!’s Olympic Youth Boxing class is engaging for all kids ages 7-14.  It focuses on building the overall athletic child.  It teaches the traditional Olympic boxing technique, incorporating discipline and a strong work ethic in its teaching model.  Both boys and girls will enjoy learning about the sport of boxing and only be introduced to sparring when – and if – the parent, instructor, and student are comfortable.

Classes are purchased in 4 or 8 class cards.  We welcome all levels, all the time.  We can teach any interested child how to box, regardless of their prior experience.

POW! integrates agility, strength and flexibility training into the workout sessions.  Students are expected to purchase their own boxing wraps which are available in the POW! Pro Shop.  Once your child has started their third series (paid group of classes), students are expected to purchase their own boxing gloves (also available in the POW! Pro Shop).

Boxing gloves sold in ‘big box’-type stores (i.e. Dick’s, Wal-Mart) are essentially ‘toys’ and not rated for serious boxing study. If you choose not to purchase your gloves with us, please let us know and we can help you with recommendations for quality equipment.

Chicago Youth Boxing

Start of class focusing on stance in boxing.



Olympic Youth Boxing classes are enrollment based:  However, you can enroll at any time.  If a there are not 3 children enrolled in each class then the class is canceled.  However, once there are 3 kids we re-start our programming.

Click here to see out class schedule.  This is an ongoing enrollment.  YOu can sign your child up for this class at any time.

Our classes are held on:

  • Tuesdays from 4:45pm to 5:30pm (tween ages)
  • Saturday mornings from 9:30 – 10:15 am.

Each class requires a 3 child minimum enrollment.  You must be enrolled in a specific day and time.  


One Time a Week:

  • It is $60 a month for a 4 class card.  (30 day expiration)
  • It is $110 for an 8 class card.   (60 day expiration)
  • There is 10% discount provided comprehensively to family members enrolled in any POW program (including adults)

We encourage young girls to try boxing. It is a great hobby for exercise and building confidence.

Sparring is not required. We give parents the option. Most of our training is focused on technique and conditioning.