Chicago Youth Combines

The Chicago Parisi Speed School is leading the way in the Chicagoland area by bringing amazing combine testing experiences to young athletes. 

Contact us if you would like us to organize and facilitate a combine for your community. If you are a school, reach out to us to host a Combine Field Day Fundraiser!  Contact to learn more.  Our next combine is below.

Midwest Elite Multi-Sport Combine
Friday, July 28th 4pm to 9pm.
Location: St. Ignatius High School

This year we will feature the latest Reactive Agility Testing in sports today. Designed to mimic and enhance in-game movements specific to your sport, TetraMetrix brings a unique athletic experience only rivaled by actual game action. We will be featuring some of the same reactive tests you have seen on ESPN with Stephen Curry).  Join Parisi Speed School Chicago this Summer at the historic St. Ignatius College Prep Campus, for the Midwest Elite Multi-Sport Combine. Featuring Standard and Reactive Agility Combine Testing for Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, and Football athletes alike. All athletes from 5th to 12th grade will compete in events such as the:

          •40 yard dash
          •Vertical Jump
          •Broad Jump
          •5-10-5 pro agility
          •Power Push-Up

 Prizes will be given to Top Performers (in multiple age groups, both boys and girls).  You MUST be pre-registered to qualify for prizes.

First 200 athletes will receive a T-shirt, compliments of Nike. Each of the four sports will have 2-3 Sport Specific Reactive Agility events designed to test an athletes "In-Game" reaction times and performance.

What is an athletic combine?

A combine is an event that gives an athlete the opportunity to showcase key athletic drills that determine speed, strength and skill. Most combines feature various standard tests, as well as sport specific drills. These events are tests that produce a metric or score that can help coaches determine an athlete “Athletic IQ.” Combines are an excellent tool to assist coaches and athletes for skill development and can even help identify weaknesses. The data captured during an athletic combine can be key to tracking improvements over time and reveal if an athlete's training program has been successful.

How are measurement taken during combines?

The Parisi Speed School Chicago works with professional athletic testing providers like TetraMetrix during its combines.   We use tools that allow an athlete to leave with accurate scores for a wide variety of standard tests, as well as reaction/agility tests. They provide athletic talent identifications. Aside from using equipment that offers precise measurements of events like the vertical jump, 10, 20, 40 yard dash and the 5/10/5 run, this combine event will also feature the the latest technology in sport specific reaction and agility tests available for athletes. 

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