Parisi Evaluation

The Parisi Speed School is the fastest way to become a better athlete. The Parisi Youth Training System has a 20+ year history of success. POW! is the home of The Chicago Parisi Speed School. The evaluation process is one key component to our success. The Parisi Evaluation is critical to every athlete in our program for four main reasons.


  • We assess the current level of the athlete’s ability.
  • We use the evaluation to properly place your child in our programming.
  • If offers your child’s coach some structure for individualizing aspects of the training and creates overall focus.
  • It provides us with a metric that we record so we can demonstrate progress and success.


What is the Parisi Evaluation?

The Parisi Evaluation is a mandatory process and occurs before your child can be enrolled in our program. The evaluation is also a special opportunity for us to get to know your child. It is conducted as a semi-private and not in a large group. Reservations are required for the Parisi Evaluation (hyperlink for reservation process). During the evaluation, athletes are immediately taught our signature Active Dynamic Warm-Up (hyperlink to a blog about ADW). Their running mechanics are examined and tested. Then the athlete performs a series of strength tests, which helps us look at their overall movement mechanics, which is critical to help them move improve their overall athletic abilities.

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