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POW! Kids offers amazing events for kids. Our programming is always active. We use a wide range of dynamic themes to keep kids moving while having fun.


Kid's Movie Night

Saturday, May 6th, 6pm to 9pm, TROLLS

Friday, June 2nd, 6:30pm to 9pm, GOONIES


One of our favorite things to do it to create PARENT PERKS! Enjoy a Saturday night dinner date without your kids. Check out one of the West Loop’s newest restaurants or enjoy a quiet night at home. Leave your child at POW! for a Saturday night of fun! The evening will begin with a workout at 6pm. Around 6:45pm we will provide dinner for your child and finish up with a movie and snacks. Please send a water bottle for your child. This event requires a 10 kid minimum and has a 25 child maximum. *All early bird and sibling discounts must be applied manually so please call or email us directly if you qualify for a discount.  Includes a workout class, dinner and a movie


Nerf Night (8y-11yrs)

Friday, April 28th, 7pm to 8:45pm



  Drop your child off for 90 minutes of fast moving Nerf Nation action! Kids will take part in active challenges that test their shooting skills. Kids will be given team assignments and individual events. As they progress through this evening filled with a wide range of challenges they will accumulate points. Each player will earn points and be entered into our leader-board. The end of the evening will reveal a POW! Nerf Nation Champion. Logistics for play: most events will use POW’s single shot shooters to maintain fairness. Kids may bring their own Nerf gun for a series of ‘open events.’ This event requires a 8 kid minimum and no more than 20 kids. All early bird and sibling discounts must be applied manually so please call or email us directly if you qualify for a discount. We will not be breaking for snacks or dinner; but please send a water bottle with your child. Kids will be running, crawling and jumping during this event. 



Ninja Warrior Training Workshop (8yrs-12yrs)




Would your kid be bouncing off the walls, even if sugar were not involved? If your kids would love to learn to leap, bounce, climb, land, run and cart-wheel faster and safer - this is the perfect workshop.Kids will train to be the future American Ninja Warrior. They will learn to build their strength, their flexibility, and learn to conquer all fear. This event is 2 hours in length, and will focus on learning techniques in rope climbing, rock wall traversing, monkey bar climbing, and parkour style movements. If you have a sincere desire to be the next American Ninja Warrior, then your training starts here.  


Youth Self-Defense Workshop (8yrs-14yrs)

Tuesday, June 27th, 7:15pm to 8:30pm (FREE)


This workshop will give your child basic skills to fight off against an attacker.  POW! Kids uses age appropriate language and context in order to teach young children how to defend themselves. Kids will be exposed to basic techniques to escape from certain grabs and how to get up off the ground if knocked down.



  •  Members: Early Bird $20.00, Regular price is $30.00
  •  Non-Members: Early Bird $25.00, Regular price is $35.00
  •  Early bird pricing applies 3 weeks prior to the event date.
    •  Member pricing applies to any POW!, POW! Kids or Parisi                monthly membership.
  • 10% discounts offered to siblings
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