Off Site Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many balloons will you make per child?

Depending on the number of kids at your party, we are happy to make as many as we can in the 1 hour period. The number of balloons depends on whether we are only making balloons for the children or also providing another activity. The maximum amount of balloons for a 1 hour party is 50. However, that can be increased upon request at an additional charge. We understand that balloons pop, and we like to keep it fair and make sure that every child receives at least one balloon. If there is time, we are happy to make more.


2) Do I need to get a stage or platform for your performances, like Magic?

No, it is not necessary to have a stage or sound system for us to perform or entertain the children. We will bring a small speaker.


3) Do I need to buy the face-painting or balloon supplies?

The supplies needed for you party are already included in the price.


4) Will the face-painting create a mess in my house?

No, we set up a very neat face painting station. The paint then dries within 5 minutes. If for any reason, the paint does get on anything, it is easily removable with soap and water (and most often, just water).


5) How many children can get their face painted in the one hour time?

We are able to paint between 10-13 kids in an hour.


6) Do you arrive in costume if we book a character?


We can arrive in costume or not depending upon your request. To preserve character and to save time, we often prefer to arrive in costume (particularly if it is a princess you have booked). However, there are certain costumes that will need to be changed into upon arrival because they are difficult to move or drive in. We are happy to accomodate to your requests.

7) When you play music and do a sing-along, do we need to provide the instrument or a sound system?

We use a guitar in our performances and create an interactive sing-along experience for the children. We will bring the guitar and no sound system is required unless we are performing on a stage at an outdoor festival.


8) What is the juggling act involve?


The juggling act offers a 3-5 ball trick act. Our juggler actually ran a half-marathon juggling the entire time – crazy hard!

9) Is balloon making safe for all ages?

We offer a great range of balloons for your children. However, we do not make balloons for children under 3 years of age. Here is a list of the many balloon animals and sculptures that we make (we do not make guns).

sword, flower, dog, cat, mouse, pig, hat, dinosaur, bear, princess wand, superhero staff, nunchucks, turtle, ladybug, fish, fishpole, frog, tiger, giraffe, monkey, tree, monkey on a banana, monkey on a tree, and many more...


10) What does the clown do?

The clown can do anything from just arriving in a clown costume to coming to your site equipped with a "Bag-O-Tricks" full of silliness. He can juggle balls and clubs, balloon twist, and even put on a small comical performance at your request.


11) Are you insured?

Yes, we carry a $1,000,000.00 commercial general liability policy for all of our off-site events.

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