Olympic judo (Ages 4 to 6 yrs & 7+ years)

Judo was first inducted in the Olympics in 1964. It is a traditional Japanese martial art that builds confidence and discipline. It is a brilliant system and art for a child to learn. It not only exposes them to everything positive the martial arts has to offer, but gives them experience with a highly organized sport where they learn to compete as an individual, while still representing a team. It is a point based sport that holds the safety of the child in the highest regards. It teaches throwing, falling, takedowns and grappling. Classes will also include rigorous conditioning and self awareness through positive partner drills and leadership provided by Sensei Max Schneider.


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Youth Class Schedule


Ongoing enrollment.

4 Class-$90
8 Class-$160
12 Class-$225

A more cost effective way for your child to train. If your child attend 6 or more classes in a month you will save money.

*All Boxing & Martial Athletics require a $49.99 registration fee which includes boxing gloves, hand wraps, & POW! kids t-shirt (uniform).
**Olympic judo classes require a Olympic Judo approved Gi: $65 Ongoing enrollment.

POW! Kids

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