Olympic Youth Judo

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The Cohen family has had a successful Judo Jr program for over 30 years.  Olympic Judo is an amazing traditional Japanese martial art that happens to be a dynmaic and honorable Olympic sport.  The Olympic Judo program will be taught by Aaron and RJ Cohen.  It will focus on discpline, self respect, athleticism and work ethic.  These lessons are clearly communicated through a traditional martial arts experience.  Olympic Judo is a sport adapted from Japanese jujitsu.  It was created in 1882 by Kano Jigoro.  It’s most noticeable competitive elements include throws, takedowns and grappling.  Judo was first seen int he Olympics in 1932 and was later inducted in 1964 (for men only, women came in 1988).  Because of the dominance that Americans have had in the International Judo Tournament scene, it is not thought of as a Japanese sport anymore.  As it became one of the most widely practiced martial arts in the world, Judo’s image changed into a worldwide sport and many Americans have become leaders on the World Championship and Olympic Stages.

At POW! your judo kids get to experience  little pieces of that Olympic heritage since their coaches carry either the Cohen name or several National Junior and World titles under their belts.  POW! is the only Chicago-land location for the Cohen Judo Club.  The children receive first generation coaching.  The kids get exposed to the perfect balance of traditional judo practice and fun athletic games.  Although we do not force the kids to compete, judo is like all mainstream sports, it fosters the ethics of competition and the Cohen Judo program at POW! believes in instilling healthy competitive experiences.  The children only cmpete in nationally recognized judo tournaments (by USA Judo, recognized by the USA Olympic Federation).

  • Tuesdays at 4pm to 5:00pm

Call us to schedule and come in: 312 829-7699 or click below to register.  Or email katalin@powkickboxing.com to register.

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One Time a Week:

  • It is $60 a month for one class per week.  This is a 4 class card.  (30 day expiration date)
  • An 8 class card is $110.00 (60 day expiration date)
  • We offer a discount for multiple children
  • There is a 6 child minimum per class.
  • Classes are an ongoing enrollment.

The instructors for our youth judo program are part of the Cohen Judo Club program.