Parisi Method 4

Parisi Method 4 (PM4) incorporates four fundamental and essential elements that are proven to be game- changers for coaches who are serious about their athletes’ training, reducing the chance of injury and reaching their physical potential. These elements are introduced in a manner that also builds the confidence and bolters team unity.

The four PM4 elements are:

  • Active Dynamic Warm-up- This is the cornerstone of the PM4 . This true warm-up focuses on specific exercises and choreographed maneuvers during dynamic muscular movement to increase body core temperature and blood flow.
  • Movement Skill Methods – This phase is focused on the four areas important to a strong and powerful foundation: deceleration, acceleration, change of direction and maximum speed.
  • Strength & Power Development – This also focuses on the four areas. This phase targets the nervous system in order to create strength, power and stabilization throughout the body.
  • Total Conditioning – The final phase of PM4 is focused on athletes who want to reach an athletic potential that they may not be aware exists within themselves by extending a lot of power over extended periods of time.

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