Pow! Superhero Training Sample Curriculum For 6 To 10 Years Old

The first four weeks will allow the students to research different aspects of super heroism so that by the end they may formulate their own opinion about what kind of Superhero they want to be. Each week will be filled with games that test their problem-solving, their physical coordination, expand their imagination, and allow them to discuss how they might positively impact the world around them. On week 5 they will create their own cape to represent their discoveries from the first four weeks and secure their own Super identity. The final class will be open to families and parents to witness their Superheroes in action, as the students portray what they have learned through mini scene showings.

Each week will have a new objective. However, each new week will build on the week prior in terms of conditioning. Kids should come dressed able to move freely with clean indoor athletic shoes. Movement will be a huge part of this course.


For each student to develop a sense of what it means to be Super, and more specifically create their own Super identity based on their interests that includes a physical presence and costume, as well as the moral commitment to be good to each other and the world around us.

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Objective 1:

To establish ground rules, including respect of the group and the space. Students will also be shown how to be safe. These ground rules will be used as the foundation of our exploration through physical and improv games that highlight qualities of Super heroism.

Objective 2:

To articulate the qualities that make Superheroes.

Quality 1: Powerful Presence

Students will begin to develop a Super presence through studying the classic heroes of the DC and Marvel universe as well as hieroglyphic examples from Ancient Egypt, and incorporating these references into their physical play. Students will brainstorm what makes their heroes Super, what qualities and powers they possess. Students will also be asked to bring in an example of something heroic.


To find their personal physicalities and strengths, students will play games that explore gesture, paths and rates of movement, beginning levels of stage combat, surprise, and how physical gestures elicit emotional responses. Students will play with what it might feel like to have one power or ability and then switch to another, so that they might get a good sense of the powers they would like to possess.

The physicalities found each week will be built upon the following week through exploration and drilling in search of the student’s Super identity. Students will be provided with the material to create their final identities with capes and logos. These costumes will be an extension of the physical presences they created.

Quality 2: Altar-Egoed

In addition to needing to be able to strike fear into the heart’s of evil-doers, Superhero’s need to have an identity that allows them to buy groceries or get books at the library without being stopped by tourists and photographers. In exploring presence we will also look at a lack of presence, how to go unnoticed.

Students will explore silence and varying rhythm and speed. They will explore equal, but opposite gestures as well as use of eye contact.

Through these exercises they will find out how a Superhero uses what they know about themselves to their advantage to stay hidden, thus staying safe.

Quality 3: Just And Fair

Students will brainstorm situations where Superheroes will have to think about whether they are doing the right thing, once again using the classics and student-based ideas as reference.

Through group and pair-sharing, students will role-play these ethical situations and try to figure out as a group what they would do for Justice.

Through these group activities and discussions students will gage their own Super morality.

Objective 3: To witness the power and might of each student’s very own Super Identity.

The final class will be open to parents and families where each of the students will have the chance to introduce and display their Superhero, as well as show-off their stage combat routines and display their lessons in morality through short scenes.

Students and parents will be asked to fill-out an optional survey for POW to assess the class as a whole.

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