Katalin Rodriguez Ogren

Katalin is the Owner of POW!.  She has been featured in SHAPE Magazine as one of the country's best trainers. She has 30+ years experience in the martial arts, 20+ years in boxing, 18+ years in the fitness industry and 16+ years as an international speaker presenting on fitness and the martial arts.  She holds black belts in Japanese and Okinawan karate, kung fu and tae kwon do. With a background in various martial arts, she has extensive experience teaching children and adults.   She has designed a martial movement program for Montessori Academy of Chicago (MAC) in the West Loop and a Superhero Training program for St Berchman’s on Logan Square.  


Katalin is a mother-of-3 children Jackson Diego 7, Isis 6, and Colt 4 years old.  She has over 15 fitness DVDs and has been a writer for a wide range of national publications in the fitness and martial arts industry. Today, she writes two blogs for and published her first two books in 2014, Weight Training for Martial Arts (available on Amazon) and Muay Thai Fitness Training (  Katalin is constantly evolving the kid’s program so the programs build safer, more confident and fit kids. 


Over her career Katalin has allied herself with several charities.  She has allied herself with the Better Boys Foundation to help organize a Boxing Event sponsored by Trump Casino, raised money for St. Jude's Children's Charity, Children’s Memorial Hospital and the Lynn Sage Foundation.   She has even participated in building a home on Chicago's south for the Habitat for Humanity and leads an annual toy drive for Clara's House, a homeless shelter in Chicago.  Additional non-for-profit work includes leading kid’s events at Chicago's Children's Museum, hosting blood drives for Lifesource and offering an internship for El Valor students (adults with mental disabilities).  


In addition, Katalin's skills, training methods, and programs have been featured in over 25 news stories, including on: Univision, WGN, 190 North, NBC News, ABC News, CLTV, CBS News ... You may have also seen her in : ALLURE Magazine, BLACK BELT, WOMEN'S SPORTS AND FITNESS, GOLF DIGEST, COMBAT SPORTS, TODAY'S CHICAGO WOMAN, CHICAGO Magazine, HOME GYM & FITNESS, SELF Magazine and several more.


Brennan Cox

Brennan Cox is the Coordinator of the POW! Kid’s Program and one of our youth instructors.  He recently completed a tour in Kuwait in the US Army National Guard. He was the Unit Fitness Coordinator during that time and also worked as a Blackhawk Helicopter mechanic. He completed his B.A., in Marketing and Management in May 2010 from Evangel University in Missouri. He has also worked as a manger for a Natural Foods and a local vitamin shop.


Brennan has always enjoyed working with kids. He was a volunteer for Big Brother, Big Sister in Springfield, MI.  Brennan brings an engaging style to his youth athletic classes.  As a die-hard comic-book fan Brennan is a creative and athletic Superhero Training instructor.  


Charlie Ghiloni

Charlie Ghiloni is CPR certified, a Krav Maga Certified instructor under Ryan Hoover, has a 2nd Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Charlie is a well-rounded athlete who knows how to integrate a fun-loving sensibility into his kid's classes. This approach softens the more challenging and intimidating drills and techniques that are taught in our kid’s classes. His natural athletic ability seeps through in his martial arts. He has been a devoted student of POW, participating in all the classes for many years. The martial arts come very natural to Charlie and because of his dedication he was an obvious choice when choosing him to be an instructor for POW! Kid’s program. 


Charlie is currently attending Concordia University seeking a degree in Exercise Science. The combination of his academic focus and NASM certification makes him an excellent addition to POW’s staff.  He leads Youth Martial Arts, Youth Krav Maga classes and is one of our birthday party instructors.  Charlie offers his students a rigorous training experience, while remaining approachable.


Mike Manship

Mike brings a wonderful set of skills to the POW! Kids program.  He has been working in both children’s theatre and education for many years.  His experience includes creating, planning, and executing after school activities ranging from informal games to engaging informational presentations for 2nd and 3rd grade students.  He has also worked for the JCC after school program and with at-risk youths through the Horizons Program.


Mike’s weekdays are spent working as an educator and his weekends are filled with theatre performances and POW! programming.  Since 2001, he has been working in the theater community in Boston and Chicago.  AT POW! the kids call him Captain POW!.  Mike’s experience in sketch and improvisational comedy has become a true asset to our children’s program.  His ‘on-the-fly’ skills, make him a great Superhero Training instructor.  Mike is one of our regular lead instructors for our birthday parties and Superhero Training program.


Annie Davis

Annie is one of POW! Kid’s key instructors.  With a Masters in English and a career in education, she offers an academic twist to our curriculum.  Currently Annie works as a manager for an educational company that offers coaching and even summer programming.  Annie embraces the integration of the classic comics and the dynamic storylines that lay the foundation for many of the POW!’s kid programs.  Annie has a didactic approach which offers the kids a unique experience.


Before her current job, Annie worked as a 10th grade English Teacher and speech coach.  She has remained active working with kids of all ages and has even been a cheerleading and figure skating coach.  She has a patient style of teaching.  Annie is one of several staff at POW! Kids who has a  diverse background, patient personality and high spirited energy.


Joshua Braxton Johnson

Josh started his martial arts training at age 4 years old.   He first studied tae kwon do and hapkido.  As a teen he studied Shoalin Long Fist, a Chinese martial art and then began wrestling when he entered  high school.  Since then, Joshua has served as an assistant wrestling coach for his high school, Plainfield South and continued to train in a wide variety of martial arts including freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, Japanese jiu-jitsu, muay thai and western boxing.   Although he is still a devoted student of the martial arts, Joshua combines many aspects of the his traditional martial arts training into his youth fitness classes and POW!’s birthday party curriculums. 


Joshua brings an athletic energy to POW! Kids.  It is clearly seen when you watch him teach his favorite baseball and football drills during the POW!’s Fit Kid Camps and birthday party programs.  Besides his love of sports and martial arts, Joshua has a passion for music.  He plays the cello,  french horn, bass and guitar.  Joshua combines teaching techniques from both the music and athletic community.


Josh’s youthful and playful personality makes him a great addition to the POW! Kids staff.  Although he is finishing his economics degree, you will see Josh behind POW!’s reception desk, teaching our kid’s martial arts classes, leading birthday parties and hosting many of our kid’s events.


Maxamillian Schneider

Maxamillian Schneider is a Chicago native and POW!'s resident judoka. Max has spent the last 17 years practicing judo, and started wrestling 7 years ago. He won the gold at the inaugural Youth Olympics in Singapore in 2010, and most recently won the USA Senior National Championships at -66kg. He's a Division 1 wrestling veteran, and two-time state champion. He's competed on four continents, and hopes to make it to a few more.

Max's approach to judo is dynamic . He enjoys teaching children and watching them develop strength and judo skills. He is big advocate of self-defense for children and also reinforce self-defense principles in his classes. Max integrates the best of wrestling to enhance his judo-student’s skills and understanding of competitive judo. He has experience with all age ranges, as well as students with disabilities. In addition to training, he loves to hike run trails, and try new restaurants.


Vickie Pang

Vickie has been a performer her entire life. She started playing the piano at age 5 and then began writing her own songs as a teenager. Vickie has pursued an education which reflects her wide array of interests and passions. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a concentration in Music and a Masters in Elementary Education. She has also obtained her 200 Hour Power Yoga Certification from Core Power Yoga. Vickie goes above and beyond for the kids. She is a wonderful performer and we particularly love her skill of ‘creativity-on-the-fly.’ She is one of our off-site lead instructors and is able to adapt to many different types of birthday party settings. She specializes in singing and playing guitar (everything from Let It Go to Spiderman!), face painting, balloon twisting, and basic juggling. When she is not performing, Vickie can be found teaching piano or yoga, or caring for a child on the autism spectrum.


Josh Schilling

Josh is a fun and happy person who loves kids. He is the youngest of 5 siblings and therefore feels comfortable in a group of laughing children. He has worked with kids of all ages teaching skateboarding, nannying, and entertaining children. Josh is a high energy person and easily wrangles a group of kids. He has an uncanny ability to relate with children, and kids often feel like he is just one of them. He is one of our Off-Site Lead Instructors/Performers, and specializes in balloon twisting, juggling (up to 5!), face painting, magic, and clowning around. He is even able to juggle knives and fire, and has once juggled for the entirety of a half marathon. Despite the ‘child-at-heart’, Josh is professional and offers an engaging presence whether he is doing magic, juggling, or making magnificent balloon animals.

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