Week-Long Fit Kids Camps AGES 5-14 YRS





  • We offer One Day Camps on June 21,22, & 23
  • June 26-30 (Fit Kid Camp)
  • July 3rd to 7th - NO CAMPS
  • July10-14th (Fit Kid Camp & Nerf Drills)
  • July 17-21st (Fit Kid Camp)
  • July 17-21st (Parisi Speed School Camp 11-13yrs & 14-16yr)
  • July 24-28th (Fit Kid & Sports Drills Camp) 
  • July 31st to August 5th NO CAMPS
  • August 14th -18th (Fit Kid: Martial Arts, Self-Defense )
  • August 21-25th (Fit Kid Camp & Nerf Drills)
  • We offer One Day Camps on August 28th, 29th, 30th

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 GOAL: Our camp will build the athletic skills of each child. We will play a wide array of fitness games. We will teach the kids about fitness and healthy living concepts. Camps intend to include outdoor time (weather permitting). Please make sure kids come appropriately dressed. Camp days include art and reading sessions. Although all our camps utilize fun filled fitness programming some weeks this summer have a theme.

 We will be offering Nerf Skills and Sports Drills throughout the summer. The goal is to offer variation in programming that reflects some POW!'s signature events and programming. It will also create a diverse camp experience for the kids that spend most of the summer in POW! camps.

 Fit Kid Camp: Nerf Drills & Conditioning
During our Nerf Skills week, we will incorporate a couple nerf shooting skills events along with our physical training. Examples of this is running and shooting targets. Although we offer a single shot nerf gun for use, kids are allowed to bring their own nerf gun and ammo. Some of these skills events will occur inside and others will be at the one of the three parks we frequent (Skinner, Mary Bartlome and Sheridan Park). POW! offers goggles for training and any battles.

 Fit Kid Camp: Sports Performance Drills
We will highlight a wide range of sport drills. Our sports performance drills will run the kids through throwing & catching (baseballs, footballs, frisbees) skills, basketball and volleyball fundamentals and soccer games. Although our days will still be filled with workouts we will focus on teaching kids the fundamentals of these sports and allow the kids who have a love of sports to practice the fundamentals and even play some games. Once enrollment is closed and our roster is in place we will inform parents of the equipment kids should bring for the week.

Fit Kid Camp: Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Camps at POW! are first and foremost - A BLAST!! We make everything fun and dynamic. POW!’s week long self-defense and martial arts summer camp is a unique training experience that will build confidence and teach valuable skills. The goal is to give a wide exposure to martial arts techniques through boxing, muay thai, self-defense and judo training classes. Kids will also participate in conditioning and flexibility classes. We will also teach the children about martial arts history and offer various art assignments and creative writing assignments. Our goal is that the children leave with a better understanding of how to become a disciplined person with excellent mental focus. Although martial arts at POW! focuses mostly on its functional application, self-defense, we will also use the martial arts training the kids experience as an opportunity to improve their overall fitness level.

We will differentiate between defenses that apply to a bullying situation on school property and those that happen in an uncontrolled environment. We will also discuss bullying and help kids to better understand how to response when someone is mean verse bullying them.

 Pricing: Week- Long Camps


  • 10 Kid Minimum / 20 kids per group
  • 10 % discount for siblings.  To receive sibling discounts you must register with us    directly. Call 312-829-7699 or email us.
  •  (discount must be applied by staff contact us for this      discount)
  • Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm
  • Kids divided by age-group
Policies, Please Read Carefully
*Siblings receive a 10% discount when attending the same camp, must contact us to receive this discount.
*Missed camp days are NOT applied forward to another day or week. There are no makeup camp days.
*There are no REFUNDS for Early bird pricing for camps. No Exceptions.
* No discounts can be applied retro-actively once camps are purchased.
* Regular price camps can receive a 50% refund with 7 day notice.

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