Superhero Training Classes

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They are in comics, on television, and online. We hope they are really out there somewhere, up in the sky or down in their hideout cave, but they are surely in our hearts. Superhero stories are pervasive in American culture and are shared across generational divides. Many of us have donned the capes at one point, and with a big breath, jumped into the air. These stories serve as modern folktales as well as good educational foundations to exploring physical identity, teamwork, and ethics.

Our 3-part program is tiered by age and leads students through an increasingly more specific exploration of what it means to be “Super.” Each class starts with team-building and then grows to include more individualized skills that mimic the powers of famous superheroes. Numerous examples of heroes in fiction and in real life are used as models to transform our bodies and skills through objectives and games. Our instructors weave exploration of setting, physical skills, and team-based problem-solving with imagination and story-telling that will ensure physical and mental engagement by the students.

Here is an example of our Superhero Training events that we have offered offsite.

Superhero Training Wheels (Ages 3 to 4)

Students learn the foundations of community play, team-work, listening, physical safety, and bodily awareness through teacher modeling, guided reflection, and multiple types of practice.

Students increase their knowledge of superhero examples, vocabulary, and concepts by referencing prior knowledge, books, and discussing as a group.

Not Currently Offered.

Superhero Training Alpha (Ages 3 To 6)

An ideal place for a new superhero in training.

Students begin to lead the direction of their training through their own suggestions and questions.

Click here to view or download the Superhero Training Alpha Orientation Packet (.Pdf)

Next session: Begins sunday, july  13th 

SuperHero Training 4 to 6 yrs Sample Curriculum


Superhero Training Omega (Ages 6 To 8)

With the foundations of Superhero Training in place and their identities chosen, students begin to cultivate specificity in their physical skills, vocabulary, and personal storyline.


Superhero Training Omega – 6 to 8 yrs old

Sundays, 11:00am to 11:50am

8 week session, $160.00

Limited spaces, 10 kid max, 4 kid minimum to run

POW! Superhero Training Sample Curriculum

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