Total Performance


 These small group classes are focused on athletes from 13-18 years old. This small group class corrects, builds and then enhances technique for speed, agility and strength. These young athletes experience a training regiment that will maximize their sports performance. Young athletes are also taught training etiquette. Once again we teach skills that are life-long. At this level, programming is broken down into an individual focus during each session.

 Our Focus is:

  •  Linear Speed: Signature straight-ahead acceleration and top-speed running techniques.
  •  Change of Direction: Agility and ability to decelerate and move in any direction quickly.
  •  Upper & Lower Body Strength: Strength training exercises for muscular development and injury prevention.
  •  Hybrid: This class integrate two the above elements. It caters to the athletes to show up. The goal is to use this class to make up training technique the athletes has missed. It will always have a high level of conditioning.

  It is widely believed that 13-18 years of age is the most ideal age for the development of speed, strength and power over an athlete’s lifetime. It is during this program that the athlete and Parisi Performance Coach focus on the detailed, but critical specifics that are the basis for athletic success.

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