POW! Kids offers classes for kids that build strength, confidence and skills.  Our programs are fitness driven and offer a safe training environment to learn martial arts, boxing, self-defense and athleticism.  Our birthday party themes are interactive and intimate.  Our style of instruction is engaging and motivating.  POW!’s community has been around since 2001, offering a contagious energy that is present in all of our classes.  We cherish the relationships we build with our young students and their families.


  • "My 12yo son looks forward to each and every class offered at POW MMA. You got what we call the three Ps: Professional. Patient. Positive. And you can quote me on that."

    Greg, Dad

    - Hyde Park
  • "As a parent of two boys, 9 and 7, who are not into team sports, starting them in Youth Boxing at POW was the best decision I ever made! My 9yr old son has excelled in Youth Boxing so fast, that he is now in the Tween Boxing and added Krav Maga to his weekly routine. My younger son has gained confidence and endurance to keep up with the most athletic kids.”

    Nicole, Mom

    - West Loop
  • “The party yesterday was awesome! I was so impressed with how the staff handled the kids and led the activities. They were also so professional and extremely helpful. We have been having birthdays for my son and daughter at different places for the past 6 years and this was by far the best birthday.“

    Jen, Mom

    - Lincoln Park
  • “Thank you for such a great birthday party, My son had a blast! I was amazed that you were able to make it so different from last year’s Superhero Training birthday party. I see you have Ninja Training now -we are coming back for that one when my youngest turns 4.“

    David, Dad

    - West Loop

POW! Kids

950 W Washington,

Chicago, Il 60607

Phone. 312-829-7699

Email. katalin@powkickboxing.com