Current Classes in Session for 2017

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Superhero Training

Ages 2.5-6ys, Saturdays 8:15am (45min)
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Youth Boxing

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Martial Athletics:

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Tween Boxing & Muay Thai

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Olympic Judo

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Teen Boxing & Muay Thai

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7 yrs to 21 yrs
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Total Conditioning

4 - 21 yrs
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5 yrs to 12 yrs

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Parisi Speed School

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Parisi Speed School

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Parisi Speed School

Contact us for registration. If there is a class not being offered that you would like to see email We may be waiting to hear from enough people to put it back on our schedule. Our Superhero Classes on Sundays are enrollment based. All other classes are ongoing enrollments.  


POW! Kid’s classes teach and expose the child to an athletic education. We build their confidence using athletic lessons that develop their gross motor skills. Our classes for the little ones (36mo to 6 yrs old) are unique and focus on creating a journey for the child each time they visit. Through our classes children:

  • develop confidence

  • experience creativity

  • improve coordination

  • enhance control over their bodies

  • learn a skill

  • and simply play.

Each program we offer is unique in its design and execution. We offer classes that reflect our staff’s strengths. We keep our class sizes intimate. Most classes are a 5 child minimum and a 15 child maximum. But please view class description pages for all details and the curriculums. We hope you decide to try our programs.

Why choose our program?

The practice of boxing drills, tae kwon do, basic wrestling and critical sports conditioning will build a child’s confidence and respect for exercise.  Less than 15% of kids report bullying.  When children are not able to resolve the issues with a bully, it has a profound negative impact on their long-term personal safety.  POW! Kids is also very conscious of helping a child stand up to a bully, without turning them into an aggressive individual or a bully themselves.  The value of kindness is a critical character trait of the martial arts. Integral to learning how to stand up to a bully is building overall confidence and understanding that some people just don’t behave kindly.


  • Teach children a valuable set of skills that are designed to keep them safe throughout their life.

  • Teach children a modern version of martial arts that is relevant, ultimately building their character, confidence and fitness level.

  • Give children an athletic training experience, including punching, kicking, agility training, body weight strength, flexibility and explosivity.

  • Give children an appropriate set of non-violence techniques to defend themselves against physical and verbal bullying.

  • Teach children the skills and confidence to manage their personal safety and fight off an attacker to escape to safety.

POW! Kids

310 South Racine Avenue,

1st Floor South,

Chicago, Il 60607

Phone. 312-829-7699