Youth Total Conditioning


  • enhance aerobic and muscular capacity
  • develop healthy movement patterns
  • build confidence
  • can be done all-year round
  • are an affordable option

The Youth Total Conditioning Program is designed to get kids off the sofa, off electronic and into having fun moving their bodies. We were all born to be active. We will build your child’s confidence and develop good exercise habits and awareness of nutrition.

Classes are 45 minutes long and incorporate fun and exciting modalities like medicine balls resistance bands, partner body weight exercises, ladders, plyometrics and yoga. Although this is not a competitive training class, we still expose these kids to basic Parisi speed training concepts. The training in this class will improve the overall conditioning, fitness level and health of your child.

If you would only like to enroll your child in Total Conditioning the cost is $65.00 a month.  This Total Conditioning membership does not include any the martial arts, judo, boxing or parisi speed school classes.

POW! Kids

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